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At Rincon Montanero we understand that being in charge of the food and kitchen, while catering to a multitude of different people, with different appetites & potential allergies is not an easy task, especially at large scales. It's difficult enough to decide what you want to eat for dinner so imagine deciding for yourself and others. Let us make it easy & pick up the hot, stressful & dirty work for you in the kitchen so you and your guest can focus on what matters most. Feasting!

**orders must be placed at least 48/hrs (2 days) before order date!**

Check out our Catering Menu below!

Rincon Montanero


Get in Touch

We understand that every catering order is unique & every event is different. If you have questions or concerns or any specifications to your catering prior to placing your order & would like to speak to a catering expert or manager, please fill out the form below & we'll be in touch shortly!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch ASAP!

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